Transfer to a force that values difference


Here at Essex Police, our detectives are rewarded and valued for what they do, day in, day out. If you want a force that values difference, Essex Police could be the place for you.

Meet Detective Inspector Tony Atkin who joined policing at the age of 19-years-old. Now, more than 20 years later, Tony is part of our Essex Police family. He said:

I loved being a police officer and the variety of teams I worked in, such as child protection and child homicide. I worked on the Jimmy Savile investigation from 2012 to 2017 and I was a case officer for the Rolf Harris investigation. I also pioneered the paperless working that we introduced into our major investigation rooms in the Metropolitan Police.

Having gone through and passed the promotion processes in both the Met and Essex, I decided I wanted a new challenge. Having worked in the departments I had aspired to be in, I felt that the Met no longer offered that challenge. 

I was told I would be unable to stay in the role I had been temporarily promoted to, and positions available to me as a detective inspector in the Met meant increased travel to and from work, on top of 12-to-14-hour days. I needed a better work life balance, which Essex could offer.

At Essex Police, the transfer process ran smoothly, and I received around 35 emails from the team about support, meetings and briefings.

Everything was so personable.

Since transferring to Essex Police, Tony has felt “valued”, and by his 20 years and two months, Tony “needed a new challenge”. Essex Police has been able to provide just that.

Coming to Essex has rejuvenated me. I certainly got that spark that I had at 19 when I first joined policing. Having that variety of where I work now has been an eye opener.

It’s a one team ethos in Essex.”

Not only has Tony gained family at Essex Police, he’s also been given the opportunity to be closer to his own family. It was his family that inspired him to become a detective, and at one point in his career, he was able to work with his uncle, who is now a retired detective superintendent.

What I lost in London waiting; I have regained in family time. I now live closer to work, I can see my son more, as well as having the opportunity to work from home. I wouldn’t be able to do that before.”

We also provide succession planning, which means you have “involvement from your line manager” and you feel that sense of “reward”.

The opportunity for promotion is bigger. There’s a lot of support here. I never received that support before outside of my team. 

There is a misconception in London that because Essex is a smaller force it limits the opportunities you have. That’s wrong. The opportunities are there in any force if you want them and if you work for them. 

Before you head over and click the transfer button, or if you’re still not sure whether this is the right move for you, Tony has some final bits of advice to share:

Always speak to people that have done it before. I did everything I wanted to do in my last force and wanted a new challenge which Essex could provide. 

Despite there being a quarter of resources here, I still see the good work and achievements that Essex Police can do. 

I’m proud to be part of this force with what we’re able to achieve on a day-to-day basis.

SCJ Excellentia APCC