Promotion Prep


Promotion Prep delivers high quality coaching and leadership development, to help you increase your chances of achieving the promotion you want.

With 30 years policing experience, from Constable to Deputy Chief Constable, Neil Bruton knows what is required to join the police and to get promoted. 

PROMOTION PREP online courses, 1-2-1 coaching, workshops and mock boards will ensure that you go into your promotion board feeling well prepared and confident that you are going to stand out in today’s modern policing environment.  

Having chaired many promotion panels, Neil saw many, many excellent leaders fail to get promoted often due to two reasons:
• A lack of preparation for the whole process
• An inability to clearly demonstrate their leadership qualities

Neil set up Promotion Prep and more recently Police Recruitment Prep to help aspiring police officers reach their goals and to become leaders of the future.

Promotion Prep is not just a one-off intervention, they offer a blueprint of services designed to arm you, not just for today, but for the rest of your career. 

Our police promotion services will meet your preferred learning style and budget to help you get promoted – online and face to face:
• E-packages
• 1-2-1 Coaching
• Webinars
• Small Group Sessions
• Mock Interview Boards
• Mentoring

Workshops and Packages of Support
Promotion Prep offers you the chance to attend small workshops that are cost effective and give you the chance to learn and prepare for your police promotion board with others from across the country.
• The maximum number of clients at any workshop is 6.
• Resources are provided.
• All workshops are 10 am – 4 pm and include refreshments and lunch.

Packages of Support
Based on recommendations Promotion Prep have combined the most popular ingredients for success.

Investing in your police promotion can make a significant difference to longer term finances but we know it is still a big decision and can make a big dent in the bank!

So, we offer some packages of support with discount, with a pay as you go approach. Just because you ask for the package does not commit you to the full process. Discount is applied at the end of your journey against the final service/product. e.g. you choose the PC to Sergeant package of support, but you don’t get through the paper sift… you don’t have to pay for further services. HOWEVER, when you get through every stage, your mock interview will be discounted significantly.

You MUST tell us at the beginning of your journey if you would like the package and tell us your timescales so that we can book appointments or reserve places on workshops from the outset.

Please state clearly:
• Rank
• Package
• Timescales

Bespoke packages of support will be reviewed upon request.

Free Advice and Resources
Our regular blog will keep you up to date with hints and tips and offers for Police Recruitment Prep and Promotion Prep. 

Learn your way
Promotion Prep offers you a flexible learning environment where you can choose how you want to learn and progress at your own pace.

Why should I invest?
Investment at this stage can bring you major benefits in the future. Your knowledge, presentation and approach will help you to stand out as one of policing’s future leaders.

Regardless of whether you purchase support from Promotion Prep – if you’re considering promotion here are some top tips:
• Become familiar with your assessment criteria
• Collect and record evidence of positive leadership behaviour to discuss at the promotion interview
• Conduct a self-assessment of your leadership behaviour and qualities against your own force assessment criteria
• Consider your aspirations and ambition against your timeframe
• Seek line management support
• Explore opportunities for temporary/acting duties

If you want to explore these further then consider the range of services that Promotion Prep can support you with.

I undertook the Interview Prep (CVF Level 2) & Presentation & Scenarios e-package and followed this up with a one-to-one with Neil. This input gave me a solid understanding of the CVF and the confidence to undertake the promotion board where I delivered a positively received presentation and was able to answer the questions with a greater degree of confidence, all leading to successfully passing my Chief Inspector promotion interview and coming second overall. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Promotion Prep to my colleagues and I will certainly seek to utilise your services in the future.

Mark, (Insp to Chief Insp) West Mercia, 20th December 2019
I would highly recommend anyone who is going for promotion to use promotion prep without hesitation. I had no clear direction or focus before I used the whole sergeant’s promotion board package and it was a game changer. It gave me confidence and a direction to follow and I passed my board first time with a good score. Promotion prep gives you the edge over everyone else and it is the best investment you will make. I look forward to using them again in the future.

Ross, (PC to Sergeant) British Transport Police, 16th December 2019
I’ve just passed my Ins assessment centre, thank you. I’ve used you for both ps and ins now with the briefing packages and relevant cvf packages. I’ve also had a Skype session with Neil for ins. I used you for my second ps promotion and first ins. I have 11 years’ service and started the ps promotion in 2014. In 5 years, I’ve gone from pc to ins. I’m going to enjoy this and gain experience in the role(s). I’ll knock on your door for CI’s for sure

West Midlands Police, (Sergeant to Inspector) 16th December 2019
Just a quick message to say that I passed my sergeants board today. I used your online course and it was a great help as it allowed me to structure my answers and gave me confidence during the interview.

Andy (PC to Sergeant). 16th December 2019
I was successful! I wanted to say a huge thank you for your advice and guidance. I was able to deliver my answers with impact. I hope to see you again for my next promotion.

Craig (PC to Sergeant) Warwickshire Police, 11th December 2019
I passed my promotion thanks to your support. I was on my third attempt at the Inspector to Chief Inspector process. The online product I subscribed to was absolutely invaluable in my preparation. I was able to structure my answers and gain a better understanding on what the panel would be looking for in the assessment process. This helped me massively on the day and I felt a lot calmer and more reassured when facing the panel. I can’t thank you enough

Gareth, (Inspector to Chief Inspector) British Transport Police, 6th November 2019
For full access to courses you’ll need to take a minute to create a new account for yourself on the POLICE PREP web site Each of the individual courses may also have a one-time “enrolment key”, which you won’t need until later. Here are the steps:
1. Fill out the New Account form with your details.
2. An email will be immediately sent to your email address.
3. Read your email and click on the web link it contains.
4. Your account will be confirmed, and you will be logged in.
5. Now, select the course you want to participate in.
6. If you are prompted for an “enrolment key” – use the one that your teacher has given you. This will “enrol” you in the course.
7. You can now access the full course. From now on you will only need to enter your personal username and password (in the form on this page) to log in and access any course you have enrolled in.
8. Once logged in, if you need help navigating your way around the system you will be able to download our guide.

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