Police Forces Community Academy


Who are we?
The British Training Board (TBTB) is the UK’s only police skills translation service. It works with a range of accredited awarding bodies to create efficient mechanisms for individuals to gain full credit for training they have completed in the military, which can be translated into qualifications recognised in civilian life by potential employers.
Some qualifications can easily be transferred without additional work. An exam or recorded discussion is required in some instances, but the system means individuals avoid having to repeat many weeks or months of training they have already completed.
With TBTB, you can receive credit for the skills and experience you already have, whatever your background, eliminating the need to complete unnecessary training.

Why choose
The British Training Board?
For you:
• Career advice
• Skills analysis
• Access to approved training courses
• Accredited qualifications
• CV assistance and interview practice
• Exceptional customer service
• A successful new career

For your business:
• Corporate problem solving
• Tailored training programmes
• Qualified and experienced agents and training providers
• Employee engagement and confidence
• Seamless recruitment
• Continuous flexibility
• An enhanced and professional workforce

Our story
The British Training Board (TBTB) was set up by Antony and Adrian Rabey, brothers and business partners. They both served in the Royal Logistic Corp in the British Army for a combined 44 years. Their time in the army saw them assigned to many theatres of operation and were active as trainers and mentors in many military training environments. They both completed their careers in army recruiting teams.
Upon leaving the forces, the brothers identified a gap in the market for a company able to translate military qualifications into civilian ones. They therefore formed TBTB to help individuals gain full credit for training they have completed in the military for use in civilian life. TBTB was also set up, helping to provide training and qualifications to individuals to enhance or gain new skills in many different sectors.
The company is proud to function as a social enterprise, helping to support individuals as well as businesses to build upon their talent, enhance growth and drive consistent performance to achieve success.

Additional services
Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS)
As an employer having access to highly skilled, Qualified and reliable staff is an essential part of your business. The AFCA seeks to help you with not only your recruitment but also the retention of your staff. We also help members to achieve the coveted Silver and Gold award for the Armed Forces Employer Recognition Scheme (AFERS) by ensuring that your participation in the GIS is recognised.

What do you get as a Business?
1.Full access to our virtual CV library of job ready candidates.
2.No cost for placing Job adverts on the Jobs Board.
3.No recruitment costs EVER.
4.Try before you buy scheme (candidates welcome work experience placements).
5.Company featured on The British Training Board (our delivery Partners) web site.
6.Invitation and membership of The British Training Board networking events.
7.Invitation to British Training Board Jobs fairs.
8.Members discount on training provided by The British training Board Providers.

Be the elite
With motivated people wanting to work with you and your team.

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