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Having served in the Police force its odds on that you’re going to be computer literate, and furthermore you will understand the need for information security.

Subversive organisations are increasingly using computer technology as an effective weapon for espionage and to breech government information and defence systems. 

Computer security, also known as cybersecurity or IT security, is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

It includes controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against harm that may come via network access, data and code injection, and due to malpractice by operators, whether intentional, accidental, or due to them being tricked into deviating from secure procedures.

The field is of growing importance due to the increasing reliance on computer systems in most societies and the growth of “smart” devices, including smartphones, televisions and tiny devices as part of the Internet of Things – and of the Internet and wireless network such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Commercial organisations with a need to keep their business plans, manufacturing processes, formulas and staff data are also vulnerable to cyber-attack. Infiltration by security has become a way of life – in all walks of life. Consequently there is an increasing demand for trained people to counter these cyber-crimes.

If you have a police background and you like the idea of a career in cyber security then you have a big advantage. You will understand the critical importance of security and the need for vigilance and you will have been through security clearances. In short you start from a position of trust.

The SANS Academy
Training in cyber security is available through a number of reputable organisations with many with government recognition and approval.

SANS Institute has launched the UK Cyber Academy and is offering fully-funded training scholarships, including accommodation, to Service leavers. 

The Cyber Academy is an intensive eight week, residential, cyber security training programme hosted by certified SANS Instructors. Through the duration of the training, students are educated in the latest techniques, skills and methods needed to protect an organisation from cyber attack using content drawn from across the SANS curriculum and enhanced with additional hands-on, technical lab work. 

Demand from enterprises and governments for skilled cyber security professionals is incredibly high and Service leavers with suitable training behind them are often fast tracked into employment. 

SANS Institute is the world’s largest cyber security training provider and invites applications for full scholarships to attend Cyber Academy. The first step will be to take an Aptitude Assessment, specifically designed to measure the suitability of each individual for a career in cyber security. 

Those considered most suitable based on their initial Aptitude Assessment will be invited to complete the application procedure, following which the scholarship awards – valued at £30,000 – will be made. 

James Lyne, lead instructor and Director of Education, said:
The Academy will teach tonnes of practical skills. It provides a safe environment to play with malicious code most people will never get their hands on. This is a radical new way of developing cyber skills and absolutely the best mechanism to accelerate the development of raw talent.

The SANS Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. With a deep rooted trust position and known for providing the highest quality information, SANS is revered as the global leader in cyber security training, certification and research. Security professionals are the foundation of the SANS community, sharing lessons and information and jointly finding solutions to the challenges they face.

With a community of over 300,000 security professionals, SANS provides opportunities for information security vendors to position their products directly in the sight of technology focused decision makers and influencers with purchasing power.

The company provides a range of course for organisations and individuals and you can find out more by visiting the website

IT Governance
IT Governance is a leading global provider of IT governance, risk management and compliance solutions, with a special focus on cyber resilience, data protection, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and cyber security.

In an increasingly punitive and privacy-focused business environment, committed to helping businesses protect themselves and their customers from the perpetually evolving range of cyber threats. Its deep industry expertise and pragmatic approach help its clients improve their defences and make key strategic decisions that benefit the entire business.

The IT Governance comprehensive range of products and services, combined with flexible and cost-effective delivery options, provides a unique, integrated alternative to the traditional consultancy firm, publishing house, penetration tester or training provider. The company prides itself on its ability to serve an international customer base and deliver a broad range of integrated, high-quality solutions globally, while meeting the real-world needs of today’s organisations, directors and practitioners.

Having led ISO 27001 implementations since the inception of the Standard, its strong global cyber security presence gives it the knowledge and insight to provide valuable advice, tailored to meet any organisation’s specific needs or budget. IT Governance has successfully helped over 400 companies achieve ISO 27001 certification, proving their compliance with one of the world’s most demanding management system standards.

Founded in 2005, IT Governance Ltd started as an e-commerce business offering just a few books and documentation toolkits on information security. Since then, the company has grown to become a global provider of comprehensive solutions and a recognised authority on ISO 27001 certification.

IT Governance was founded by Alan Calder, who is its executive chairman. The company’s early days were defined by the demand for expertise in implementing information security management systems (ISMS) – which was still a relatively new field in 2005. In fact, Alan and his fellow director, Steve Watkins, were the first people in the UK to successfully implement an ISMS compliant with BS 7799 (the precursor to ISO 27001).

Based on their experience, Alan Calder and Steve Watkins co-wrote and published IT Governance: An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002 (now in its sixth edition), the definitive compliance guide to the ISO 27001 standard. Today, this book is the basis for the Open University’s postgraduate course on information security.

With cyber security becoming a top business priority, and the increasing demand for specialist services, IT Governance has been growing rapidly. The company has considerably expanded its portfolio of products and services over the past few years, while also deploying technology to innovate its offerings and enable the delivery of its solutions globally. 

A range of training courses are available through IT Governance. The IT Governance training programme is built on the foundations of extensive practical experience of designing and implementing management systems. These training courses offer a structured learning path from Foundation to Advanced level for IT practitioners and lead implementers, and help to develop the skills needed to deliver best practice and compliance in an organisation. In addition they provide the tools for career advancement via industry standard certifications and increased peer recognition.

Full information on the courses available is clearly listed on the company’s website, Alternatively you can telephone 0845 070 1750.

The Cyber Security Challenge
Many IT employers have reported difficulty in recruiting for cyber security positions and 60% have indicated that demand is to increase over the next five years. Police officers have exactly the skills cyber employers are looking for – problem solving, logical thinking and a thirst for knowledge – and the Cyber Security Challenge UK is an unparalleled opportunity for people with a Police background to hone and test their skills and learn more about the rewarding and lucrative careers in the sector.

The Cyber Security Challenge is a series of national competitions, learning programmes, and networking initiatives designed to identify, inspire and enable more EU citizens resident in the UK to become cyber security professionals.

Established to bolster the national pool of cyber skills, it offers a unique programme of activities to introduce sufficient numbers of appropriately skilled individuals to learning and career opportunities in the profession.

The Rt Hon Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones said: “Cyberspace is woven into the fabric of our society; it is integral to our economy, our communities and our security. Defending all of our interests in cyberspace is a relatively small cadre of talented and highly skilled public sector and private sector cyber security professionals. This pool of professionals must grow and the Cyber Security Challenge UK offers an innovative and exciting way of attracting talented individuals to take up rewarding careers in this field.”

The Challenge is already helping to find hidden talent across the nation. It provides safe environments in which thousands of people can test and demonstrate their skills and showcases the spread of opportunities for future cyber defenders.

It acts as a catalyst for:
• Identifying those with appropriate skills
• Inspiring them to seek learning opportunities and a career in cyber security
• Informing them about available education and training opportunities
• Enabling them through the awarding of prizes as training courses.

The competition is taking place across several countries and the organisers are keen to attract service leavers uo to the age of 30 to participate. You can find out more by visiting It could be a spring board into a career in cyber security. 

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