Frontier Risks Security and Risk Management Consultants


The Frontier Risks Security & Risk Management Consultants (SRMC™) course is an intense, residential course that takes place over 13 consecutive days at the Emergency Planning College, Easingwold, York. The SRMC™ course attracts a broad range of international students from many different sectors ranging from Oil & Gas, Health Care Professionals, Military, Private Security, NGO’s, and IT. Below provides a snapshot of a first-hand account of the students who complete blogs throughout the course.

Damien – Operations Manager (Team Rubicon U.K.)
Day 3 saw us move onto Travel Risk Management, Journey Management and Evacuation Planning. This was a day that I had identified as being of particular interest, due to my current work with Team Rubicon, and I wasn’t disappointed. The day was led by Riz from Priavo Security, who yet again was another excellent and knowledgeable instructor talked us through all the issues that need considering, pre-trip, during the trip and even post trip. He also highlighted to us that many factors needed to be considered, beyond the obvious physical security of the travelling individual, that would be a priority for businesses and organisations. From a personal point of view, it was hugely useful to see all the control measures that should be put in place, as a minimum, to reduce the risk.
Riz then took us deeper into the process, pushing us to constantly question and analyse every action and situation. He also threw us a curve ball, every now and again, changing the scenario which showed the importance of always having contingency plans for every situation. To finish off the day we could test our new knowledge by creating a journey plan for a client for two different scenarios, which really brought home everything we had learnt.

Darren Strategic Business Consultant (G4S Secure Solutions)
The day’s second session by Caroline Neil of RPS Partnership was an absolutely fascinating overview of the real-world realities of security and crisis management. While Caroline’s own professional experiences would fill a book in itself, she was able to talk through actual scenarios of how skills and capabilities to be discussed over the following two weeks had actually been implemented into major incident case studies. The topics that Caroline covered were:
• Travel Management;
• Emergency Response vs. Crisis Management Planning;
• The characteristics of a crisis;
• Crisis Management in action;
• The Crisis Management Framework;
• Kidnap & Ransom;
• Evacuations and exfiltrations.

Again, even at this early stage of the course, the level of experience amongst us as students reaped the rewards, as we were all able to share our own knowledge and expertise of managing operations in complex risk environments.

Shari – Tactical Intelligence Analyst (Solace Global)
My reasons for doing Frontier Risks SRMC course were two-fold. Firstly, I had been searching for a while for an MBA programme to study long-distance. The advantage of completing the course and obtaining the Level 5 City and Guilds certificate, is that it will count for 60 credits towards an overall MBA through the University of West Scotland. Secondly, the course was an opportunity for professional self-development. It helped me to establish what I already know and what areas I should develop and strengthen! It also highlighted areas in which the private security industry is growing, such as cyber security. There was something in every session to challenge me, but there were also skills and learning points to take away and apply to my current position as an analyst.
The Hawkhills EPC were fantastic hosts of the course for the two weeks, offering comfortable accommodation and excellent food. Some of the longer days in the lecture room were facilitated by the prospect of coffee and cake every afternoon! But more importantly, a comfortable environment made for a better learning one, as well as social.
Overall, I am extremely happy I chose to do the course. Thanks to Pete and Duncan for all your hard work! I will certainly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their qualifications and is interested in the risk management world.

Tim – International Medical Consultant (DNO ASA)
During the last 5 years, my profession as a Remote Healthcare Professional has taken me to over 20 countries around the globe, many of which are deemed medium to high risk due to some threats posed by; terrorism, political instability, the risk of kidnap, endemic crime, local medical resources and environmental factors. Unfortunately, many countries that have historically been ‘safe’ or ‘low risk’ have now been re-classified as ‘high risk’, this, unfortunately, has been influenced by the rise in international terrorism.
Due to the rising risk associated with travelling and operating in ‘high risk’ environments, I have decided to complete a Security and Risk management course to improve my knowledge, skills and situational awareness surrounding these issues.
The SRMC that Frontier Risks deliver is by far the most informative, current and operationally focused course on the market, this is primarily due to an outstanding faculty, varied syllabus and guest speakers that other companies could only dream of. I would encourage any Remote Area/Expedition/Offshore Medic to consider booking this course to better prepare for the hazards associated with travelling and working in remote/austere environments – the 7 P’s have never been so necessary for our unstable climate.

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