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Servoca Resourcing Solutions is a recruitment and solutions organisation that specialises in working with former police officers and other skilled civilian resource experienced in working within police forces and related organisations.

The Police Service continues to face some of the biggest challenges of resources and resource management in its history, whilst being tasked with maintaining services and reducing crime. Budget cuts and efficiency savings have already become everyday phrases in any conversation related to UK police forces. At the same time, increasingly numerous warranted officers are tied up with projects, administration and other activities that in many cases could be outsourced or carried out by a civilian.

Servoca Resourcing Solutions have an established proactive and responsive solution offering for the police service in a wide range of disciplines, from the provision of temporary staff for specific roles as well as fixed term and permanent recruitment for non-warranted positions.

Through our extensive database we are currently supplying forces with former police officers and specialist support staff to undertake roles including but not limited to the following areas:

• Accredited Financial Investigators
• Fraud Officers
• Intelligence Analysts & Researchers
• ANPR Intercept Teams
• Statement taking
• Investigative Assistants
• Cold case preparation

• Property Officers
• Control Room Staff
• Crime Prevention Officers
• Front Desk Officers
• Audio Typist
• IT Support Staff
• Corporate Staff
• PNC Operatives
• Custody / Detention

• Covert Surveillance
• Witness Protection
• Family Liaison
• Public Protection
• Multi-Agency
• Forensics
• Professional Standards
• Policy & Procedures

Major Investigations
• SOCOs / CSIs
• House 2 House Enquiry Teams
• POLSA Search Officers
• CCTV Seizure and Viewing Teams
• Analysts
• Holmes 2

• Leadership and Management
• Surveillance
• Driver
• Law

These are examples of roles which we can assist with, but by no means what we are limited to supplying.
Servoca Resourcing Solutions approach includes a high level of security, integrity and quality assurance ensuring the delivery of suitably qualified personnel for your requirements.

Whatever the location or requirement of your force, all your needs will be given dedicated attention with an appointed member of staff.

We pride ourselves on being cost effective and understanding the financial limitations of the public sector; many Forces have benefited from this by using our temporary staff in innovative ways.

We provide the latest criminal and civil justice contract and permanent vacancies, within the Policing, Probation, Public, Commercial and Third Sectors.

Whether you are looking for a position in Investigation, Intelligence, Enforcement or Compliance, our comprehensive array of potential roles means we are ideally placed to find you the job you are looking for.

Abdul J S Butt
I am a retired police officer, having served in the Greater Manchester Police. I joined in 1986 from life in academia. I was a late joiner, aged 27.

I have a BSc in Biological Sciences (Manchester Polytechnic, 1980) and MIBiol (Hons) in Microbiology (Manchester Polytechnic, 1982). Since joining the GMP, I have obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Fraud Management, following a course in Financial Investigation (John Moores University, Liverpool 2002). I have successfully completed a Certificate in Terrorism Studies (St Andrews University, 2007) and an LLB (Hons) degree in Law (Manchester Metropolitan, 2012). My elective subjects were Evidence, Medical Law, Family Law and Criminology. I was awarded a 2(i) Honours degree. My dissertation was on Consent and its relationship with Morality and the Law.

I have also completed my first year as an MPhil/PhD student in the Faculty of Business and Law, Manchester Metropolitan University doing research on Domestic Violence Law. I have since suspended my studies, and have been awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Research (Business and Law) in the interim. I successfully completed and passed modules in Literature Review, Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods, Principles of Research Design and Philosophy.

 Police Service
1986 – 1992. I was a uniform patrol officer, working in various departments, such as response, plain clothes. During this time I also worked on a covert investigation, dealing with marketplace drugs buys and through mobile phones contacts

1992 – 1997. In between my duties as Community Beat Officer (the so called “area bobby”), I had periodic secondments to the CID, where my cultural knowledge language skills, scientific knowledge were an additional skill utilised on murder investigations

1997 – 1999. I was Divisional Detective Constable. In addition to divisional CID duties, I also worked on murder investigations in Stockport and Longsight, and a long-term hospital enquiry in Rochdale (where a nurse was allegedly prescribing drugs to patients without authority). Investigation of crimes within the division ranging from theft to sexual offences and outside division on murder enquiries. I was involved on a protracted hospital investigation in Rochdale where there were allegations of a male nurse giving drugs to patients without authorisation. This involved speaking and interviewing to a number of nurses and doctors, who were initially reluctant to talk against “one of their own”. The efforts paid off when another nurse was identified as being involved in the same offence. The investigation also involved reading and interpreting medical notes.

1999 – 2005. I was one of four officers (all substantive detectives) selected to form the new GMP Internal Investigation Unit with the aim of covert investigation of criminality and corruption within the GMP including financial investigations. During my tenure, I was also involved in several anti – corruption investigations, within GMP or to support a regional (Regional Crime Squad) and force (GMP Force Drug Squad) operations. The most notable of these investigations was the ‘Secret Policeman’ investigation (2003). I was one of the lead investigators and was also the designated Single Point Of Contact with the BBC (for obtaining recorded unused material and obtaining continuity statements) and the team that produced the programme, including the investigative journalist who went undercover. 

2005 – 2012. I was a member of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, .involved in local, national and international terrorism investigations.

2012 – 2014. I was asked to assist the Professional Standards Department as a member of its Coronial Team, involved in the investigation of police contact deaths to determine requirement for a mandatory referral to the Independent Policy Complaints Commission (IPCC) from a PSB standpoint and to identify any systemic defects, peripheral issues and learning outcomes and to identify any potential Article 2 Human Rights issues and Regulation 28 Coroners and Justice Act 2009 issues.

I retired from the GMP in October 2014 to commence a PhD in Law. Unfortunately that did not work out due to a clash of opinions and direction with my supervisory team!

It was around January 2015, that I contacted SERVOCA Resourcing Solutions, an agency that aimed to provide employment to retired police officers within the public and private sector. I was told about the company by a serving police officer, who also provided me with their London office telephone number. My first contact with the company was Jamie Quantick, who, very quickly, became my principal point of contact and dare I say it, a telephone “friend”. In order to assist Jamie and his team, I ensured, when possible, that I presented them with the most comprehensive Curriculum Vitae which included, descriptions of the areas I worked in, citing notable investigations, skills set, awards, staff associations etc. This probably flies in the face of conventional wisdom, as it is suggested to keep it to a minimum number of pages! But, I believed, and still do, that the best match can only be found if your agency is armed with the best information on their client. I came to rely, totally, on Jamie, to abridge (if so required) my CV, when presenting it to a prospective sponsor.

Thus began a fruitful relationship with the company,that took me on a journey from:

Intelligence Researcher – Firearms Licencing Unit (GMP). Examining applications for shotgun and firearms certificates and undertaking research on the prospective applicants’ and family members to determine if there are any issues that may preclude the applicant being granted a certificate. 13th April 2015 – 3rd August 2015

Investigative Officer – Sexual Crime Unit (GMP). I was involved with an ongoing operation that involved an adult male engaged in on- line grooming of young girls using chat logs on the internet. His aim was to incite the young girls, some as young as ten years of age, to post nude pictures of themselves, or to commit a sexual act. He also incited the youngsters to watch him committing a sexual act. He is now serving ten years term of imprisonment. 4th August 2015 – 28th November 2015

Disclosure Officer – NCA (Op STOVEWOOD), An investigation into non- familial child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) in South Yorkshire. This operation is still on-going. 7th December 2015 – 7th June 2016

Disclosure Officer – Op CASPER (Cheshire). A large scale MTIC (Missing Trader Intra Community) Fraud investigation, which concerned the activities of nine individuals as they relate to offences of fraudulent trading, VAT fraud and money laundering. These offences have involved the transfer of funds between a number of companies and then subsequently abroad, funds in the round, totalling some £7.5 million. This investigation is still on-going. 16th August 2016 – to 30th June 2017

Throughout my various jobs, I received regular calls from SERVOCA on welfare grounds and general chit-chat. The calls were always welcome. The team, in turn, would also deal with any issues I may have had, when I rang them. I found the staff to be friendly, totally professional, and courteous, but above all honest in their appraisals. 

I am currently working as a Disclosure Officer on a Nationally led investigation run from the GMP called Op CHURCHILL In January 2017, Randox Testing Services (RTS) informed Greater Manchester Police (GMP) that there may have been manipulation of test results at their laboratories. Ongoing police investigations have since uncovered that the same manipulation may also have occurred at Trimega Laboratories Ltd. The alleged manipulation impacts on the Criminal Justice System, Family Courts, and Workplace Testing. I got this job through an agency called RED SNAPPER, who approached me about the vacancy. I reluctantly severed my relationship with SERVOCA. I still, occasionally look at their website to see if there is anything new on the horizon.

I do, however, wish to make one constructive criticism and that applies to most agencies. They should consider having regional offices which may open up further opportunities with locally based employers. It will also enable agency staff to have regular face to face meetings with their contractors. 

To discuss how we can apply our expertise to meet your needs please call 0207 747 3044 or visit our website 

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