IAM RoadSmart


At IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s leading independent road safety charity, we recognise some of the best drivers and riders already hold selected qualifications and invite them to become a member, without needing to take our Advanced test.

And that’s exactly what Mark Corry did… 

Having retired from the Police I became the Advanced Motorcycle trainer for Avon and Somerset Police. I felt the connection between what I try and achieve with my students and the aims of the IAM RoadSmart in relation to safety for all road-users. After becoming a member, I competed the Observer qualification which felt a similar role to what I was used to.

I am motivated to support IAM RoadSmart where possible. As well as completing the Observer qualification, I have attended skills days, working alongside many IAM RoadSmart employees and volunteers. 

You benefit greatly from being part of IAM RoadSmart.”

With your Standard Response or Advanced qualifications, we know you already have the knowledge to help keep the roads safe and we’d love for you to join us in encouraging others to do so. 

Once you join, it doesn’t have to stop there! Why not push yourself to the next step and share your knowledge with others through the various roles available to members across IAM RoadSmart, such as Lee Daish is doing: 

I became a Member by Exemption having successfully passed my Advanced car and motorcycle courses during my Police service back in the late 1990’s. Keen to pass on what I had learnt; I have been an IAM RoadSmart member ever since!

I’ve taken the role of examiner for car and bike, taking regular tests, the next steps for me are the Masters Mentor and National Observers Assessor role. 

I regularly speak to local groups and have found IAM RoadSmart a dependable in-depth product, delivered by passionate people with an overall desire to raise the standards of riding and driving. 

Why become a member?
• Meet like-minded people, sharing the same vision for road safety
• Be part of a charity that actively works towards making the roads safer for everyone
• Opportunities to volunteer in various roles and group events
• Share your knowledge
• Attend social events with your local group
• Priority access to our circuit-based skills days
• Make a difference in the community
• Exclusive member discounts

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