Greensleeves franchisees come from all walks of life before they join one of the longest established and largest lawn treatment providers nationwide.

In 2019, Greg, the Greensleeves franchisee for East Riding, decided it was time to take a positive new step in his career, after spending just under 10 years in the Royal Air Force. He had developed many key transferable skills from his RAF career which have proven invaluable as a Greensleeves franchise owner and manager. 

One of the main perks has been the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends, which was one of the toughest parts about being in the military.

Greg says he has benefitted greatly from being his own boss; as a young, ambitious, business owner, he enjoys knowing that the harder he works, the more he can earn. He also has a great deal of flexible working and continues to grow customer numbers and turnover. In his first year, he increased customer numbers by 50% and turnover by nearly 40%. “It has been so satisfying to see my hard work pay off.

He adds that: “I really enjoy the variety of work that the Greensleeves franchise offers; I have an excellent balance between different roles of my job. Apart from working in the office, I work outdoors, treating customer’s lawns, using specialist machines and products which is really satisfying. I enjoy interacting with customers in person and over the phone. Other rewarding tasks include effectively using IT systems to manage customer queries; planning daily routes/lawn work; and managing finances at a customer and business level. It has also been important to establish a good social media presence and determine effective marketing tools.

Greensleeves provide a network of support for franchisees to grow their business and gain advice on how to handle difficult situations. Greg ends by saying: “Being within the Greensleeves organisation of 95+ franchises, with the assistance from head office, has been extremely helpful. Greensleeves have an excellent business model that is so easy to implement.

I am in no doubt that this career move has changed my life for the better!

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