Civil Nuclear Constabulary


The CNC is a specialist armed police service dedicated to protecting the civil nuclear industry.

We protect 14 civil nuclear sites across England, Scotland and Wales, safeguard nuclear material in transit and play a key role in national security. The civil nuclear industry includes nuclear research and provides nuclear energy to millions of people. To protect such an important commodity, as well as the public. We are a police force like no other, offering a variety of Police Officer and support roles at all levels. By protecting nuclear materials on site and in transit, we play a vital role in national security.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC), following the National Recruitment Standards in accordance with Home Office Guidelines lines and process for recruiting Officers into the Constabulary.  Our selection processes are based on ability, skills and expertise. We recruit the very best people based on merit, regardless of sex, race, religious beliefs, sexual preference or anything else unrelated to the role.  The nature of our work means that we have to conduct a rigorous application process which, of necessity, can also be quite lengthy. The process involves a variety of screening checks, as well as security and reference checks. This is an essential part of ensuring that we recruit the most able individuals and you are right for us, as well as ensuring that joining us is the right move for you.

Our Policing Priorities include: National and international terrorism, Information and technology proliferation, Protection of the site and facilities from incursion and unlawful protest, Crime committed within site area.

Application form

The first step in your application is to fill out the online application form. This will give us all the details we need to decide whether you should go forward to the next stage in our selection process. The form will ask you to go into a large amount of personal detail, including giving information on any previous convictions (these will not necessarily be a bar to you joining the Constabulary). You will also be asked about a range of issues, from any tattoos you might have, to your business interests and your financial position.

Some people might find the application form daunting, but we provide guidance notes to help you fill it in correctly.

Review of application form

We will assess your application and will let you know the outcome of your application. Please note this process is a minimum of 6 weeks, during periods of high recruitment it may take longer, these checks include a criminal records check and completion of a medical pre-screening form.

Assessment centre / Pre-employment Assessments 

We will assess your application form against the national recruitment criteria, and if you pass, we will invite you to an assessment centre. The assessment activities include a briefing on the organisation, firearms assessment, a physical test and interview. These may take place over several days and at different locations.

Police Officers are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, so if you have a disability, we will make reasonable adjustments where appropriate.

Your fitness will be assessed as part of the application process. The job related fitness test looks to see whether you are fit for the job. The CNC carry out the multi-stage shuttle run (bleep test) to level 7.6. This is in line with National Standard for Armed Response Officers. If you prepare properly, you should have no problems passing. If you do not pass first time, you may have the opportunity to re-take the test.

If you are worried about your fitness, it’s a good idea to do some training before you are called in for the fitness test, but make sure you seek medical advice before starting any rigorous training.

Medical Appointment

Medical appointments may be provided as part of the assessment centre, if not then you will be required to attend at another time. There are a number of medical conditions which have been identified as being a potential risk to the individual in carrying out the role of Authorised Firearms Officer within the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and, as such, may preclude the individual from employment if they are present.

Reference checks

If you pass all our assessments, we will then carry out employment reference checks for the last three years. If appropriate, we will also carry out military and police service checks.

Security Vetting

One of most important – and most time-consuming – steps in our recruitment process is our security vetting.

Before you start your initial training course, you will need to have achieved the security clearance requirements as laid down by the ACPO/ACPOS Police Recruiting Vetting standard and the Government National Security Vetting standard.

Gaining security clearance can be a lengthy process and includes a large number of checks. As part of these checks, you may also be interviewed by the Defence Business Service.

Conditional offer

If there is a training course pending, we will send you a conditional offer, which will tell you where you will be posted and when your initial training will start. You will receive at least four weeks’ notice of the start of your training. Once you have accepted this conditional offer, we will contact your current employer for references, and start security vetting. This can be a lengthy process and can take up to a minimum of 3 months to complete.

Recruitment Process

Criteria to apply

Age: 18.5 on appointment with no upper age limit.

Nationality: Either a British citizen, a member of the EC/EEA, or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national who has lived, unrestricted, in the UK for the previous five years.

Criminal Record: ideally applicants have to have clean record to apply.

Financial concerns: Applicants should be free from debt and not be bankrupt.

Qualifications: There are no qualifications required for entry

Driving Licence: Applicants must hold a full driving licence with no more than 6 points.

Fitness: Pass level 7.6 on the bleep test.


Career Opportunities

Once the probationary period has been completed there are opportunities to apply for including:

Strategic Escort Group (SEG): This team of officers are responsible for supporting the transportation of nuclear material in the UK and oversea either on the road or on the sea.

Firearms Instructor: This role is a trainer role, helping to keep our officers up to date with their firearms qualifications and other specialist training.

General Trainer: This role trains all non-firearms related law and general police skills.

Dog Handler: This role is to work with the dogs to help with patrolling and aiding the officers search capacity.

Personal Safety Training: This role trains the officers in personal safety, including arrests

Promotion: Officers can apply for promotion opportunities including Sergeant, Inspector, Chief Inspector, Superintendent, Chief Superintendent etc.

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